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Content of the Youth Program

The program aims to equip the youth to lead a balanced, drug-free life. Along with this much emphasis is placed on re-adaptation in the school and family system.

The following themes to live by are addressed: self-knowledge, managing conflict, school and work, managing group pressure and communication. Management of free time, a healthy lifestyle and the importance of sport are emphasised. 
A balanced daily schedule is followed and includes the following: lessons, sport, studies, relaxation, religious time in the evenings, personal care and sleep.

Structure and discipline form an integral part of the program.
Youths are responsible for making their own beds and keeping their rooms tidy.
Other key contributors playing a role in the program include:


  • SAPD: Social Crime Prevention
  • SANBI Karoo Botanical Gardens: Nature and Conservation
  • Department of Correctional Services: Youth Centre
  • SATVI: South African Tuberculosis Vaccine Initiative
  • Worcester Museum: History and Culture

We attempt to make the youths' stay at the centre as pleasant as possible. The youths will have access to the following recreational facilities/activities:

  • Swimming pool
  • Punching bags
  • Drumming Therapy
  • TV
  • Table tennis
  • Trampoline
  • Gymnasium
  • A variety of sport apparatus e.g. rugby balls, soccer balls, cricket set and basket ball.

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