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Costs Involved

Three categories of payment exist: medical aid, cash payment and state subsidised treatment.

An additional payment of R150 is required for all applicants for treats and their Creativity Pencil Case.


Medical aid patients: Medical aid patients must obtain an authorisation number from the medical fund as this number is required for application. The Centre will assist in the obtaining of this number. A copy of the medical aid card must be attached to the application form.


Cash: Costs are calculated according to the income of the parents/legal guardians and payment should be settled prior to admission / on the day of admission.


State Subsidised Treatment:70 free beds are available per year. Only certain youths qualify for these beds. The referee will assist the Centre when this decision must be made. The beds are only available to those applicants who reside in the Western Cape and are also only available for youths between the ages of 13 and 18 years. 

Take note: Those who do not complete the treatment are still liable for payment of the total amount as the bed is booked for five weeks.

List of necessities

We provide a list of necessities which we expect the youth to bring with him to the Centre. If items on this list cannot be provided as a result of financial difficulties, please communicate this to the Centre. 

If the youth has any medical prescription, please bring the medication along to the Centre.

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