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Visitors’ Protocol

  • ONLY patients in their 2nd, 3rd and 4th week of treatment may receive visitors.
  • ONLY immediate family may visit the patient.. Visitors are restricted to 4 ADULT visitors per patient.
  • ONLY a patient's own children are allowed. Children 18years and above must be recorded on the visitors protocol.
  • ONLY visitors with their names and ID-Numbers recorded on the visitors' protocol will be allowed during visitation time.
  • Visiting Times: Sunday: 14:00 – 17:00
  • Visitors may not give any cash to patients. Cash for luxuries must be directly deposited into Toevlug's Pocket Money Account. A maximum of R750.00 is allowed during the 5 week treatment.
  • All visitors to report at SECURITY. The officer will guide visitors to Administration.
  • Visitors are NOT ALLOWED to take any personal belongings, eg. Handbags, Cellphones etc, into the Centre during visitors' hours.
  • Visitors are NOT ALLOWED to bring any Luxury or Personal items for the patients.
  • Visitors under the influense of Alcohol or ANY illegal substance will not be allowed.
  • Visitors MAY NOT:
    Move into the Patient Dorms.
    Use any recreational material and equipment of Toevlug
  • Patients are NOT ALLOWED to escort their visitors' to their vehicles.

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