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Medical Department

The medical staff who renders a twenty four hour medical service consists of of Senior Professional nurses, Staff nurses and a medical doctor. After intake a medical doctor examines the patient who is then placed in a detoxification unit. Each patient is put on his/her individual medical regime based on his/her history of drug abuse. During this period the patient will receive intensive medical treatment. Patients with the potential for complications during the withdrawal period must first be detoxed in a hospital.

The medical department is also responsible for the following:

  • Lectures: Foetal Alcohol syndrome, Sexually transmitted diseases, TB, Healthy diet, Physical damage due to abuse, HIV lectures and HIV testing.
  • Other: testing for diabetes, TB and pregnancy
  • Individual Therapy: All other medical problems of the patient will be followed yp through individual consultations and treatment.
  • Drug testing: Patients are tested for substances on intake and at random throughout the program.

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