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Involvement in the Program

Involvement in the program / visiting hours / phone calls / weekend leave

The parents/legal guardians are partners in the treatment process and it is important that they are motivated to participate in the program.

Parents/legal guardians must participate in the program on 3 occasions:

The day of admittance: Parents/legal guardians are introduced to the therapeutic program, are supported emotionally and are informed about the treatment program. The meeting commences at 09:30.

Week 4: Youth admitted on subsidized treatment are NOT eligible for weekend leave.

The MD-team will evaluate eligibility for weekend leave.  The parents/legal guardians attend a therapeutic session on the Friday during the 4th week at 10:00. The youth is accompanied home after the meeting for a weekend’s leaves and must report back to the Centre before 16:00 on the Sunday. No medication may be used by the youth during their time at home unless permission is granted from the Centre. Youths will be tested for forbidden substances upon their return to the Centre.

Week 5: Parents/legal guardians attend a closing ceremony at 09:30 where certificates are handed over to the youths before their discharge from the program. Parents are welcome to join the devotional service from 08:00.

Visiting hours:

Parents can visit youths from the second weekend of the treatment program. Visiting hours are from 14:00 tot 17:00 on Sundays. The visitors' protocol is strictly upheld.

Only 2 visitors will be allowed.  No children.

Phone calls:

Parents/legal guardians are encouraged to contact their children. Phone calls can be made to the following number: 023- 348 3632 after 4pm.

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