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Early Intervention

Programs in this regard focus on identifying people at risk and assisting them before they require statutory intervention. In this regard we have the following programs:

Cottage program

The Cottage Program train facilitators in the community and empower them to identify the risk related to alcohol/drugs/HIV and Fetal Alcohol Syndrome within the community.

This prevention program, which has been utilised in the USA since 1972, has been adapted for South African conditions and is used with great success in various communities.

Facilitators are trained to do presentations, which have been structured in the form of questionnaires. These gatherings are informal and private homes are used. The questionnaires are used as basis for the discussion and at the end of such a gathering group members leave with ten new facts they have learned about drugs.

Although it is a prevention program it has been found that between 25-30% of the group members, who are already struggling with dependence problems, come to new insights regarding their problem.

The Employees Assistance Program

The Employees Assistance Program with its focus on the training of supervisors to identify and address people with substance related problems within the workplace

Affordable multi-drug screening services:

This service involves pre-counseling, testing, post-counseling and advice in the event of further intervention.

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