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Awareness and prevention

awareness prevention

As a treatment centre we strongly believe that prevention is better than cure.  Toevlug has specific programs that focus on prevention.  These include:

The Horizon Project focusing on life skills for the youth

The name Horizon symbolises the future. The project is thus aimed at the youth who is at the daybreak of a promising future, provided the right choices are made. Youths, both in and out of school, between the ages of 8 – 18 years, benefit from this project which has been utilised since 1988. It is in essence an alcohol and drug prevention project which enables the youth to withstand present-day pressure and make informed choices regarding alcohol and drugs through the acquisition of appropriate life skills.

Goals Of The Project:

  • Consolidation of a healthy value system
  • Acquisition of new skills to enable them to cope with and solve personal problems
  • The development of a positive lifestyle
  • Coping with peer pressure
  • Personality growth and development
  • The development of communication skills
  • Development of self-image
  • Knowledge of alcohol and drugs

Information and education sessions

Toevlug newspaper that serves as an information and awareness document and is widely distributed in rural areas

Activities surrounding International Drug Awareness day.

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