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Support Groups

Centre Evenings/ Support Groups

During Centre evenings counselling and support are offered to patients, family members and interested parties with regard to alcohol and drug abuse. Centre evenings are held on the first Monday of every month and transport to and from the Centre is provided. During these gatherings the focus is intensively on relevant topics.

At the last Centre evening of the year a special closing function is held, during which ex-patients, patients in the program and family can deliver their testimonies.

A Support group is offered every third Monday of the month for ex-patients of Toevlug and other centres. This group is conducted in the form of a closed group and is regarded as continous treatment.

Centre Evenings

 Support Groups

February  3 February  17
March  3 March  17
April  7 April  21
May 5 May 18
June 2 June 23
July 7 July 21
August 4 August 18
September 1 September - Annual General Meeting 14
October 6 October 20
November 3 November 16
December 6 - Sobriety Celebrations  
Please arrange transportation from pick up points with centre Tel 023 342 1162

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