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A. Prevention

The Christian Dependency Ministry firmly believes that prevention is better than cure. We therefore strive to reach as many of our children, youth and adults as possible to educate and enlighten them about the dangers of alcohol and drug abuse.

B. Motivation

We try to help those who are on the road to becoming drug addicts to change their ways. By giving these people the correct information about a habit that is becoming an addiction we try to persuade them to choose another direction.

C. Aftercare

The person who was persuaded to embark on a new course of sobriety, is still very vulnerable as he/she lives in the same environment with the same temptations. It is therefore of vital importance that such a person should be provided with as much assistance as we can provide. In most cases relapses occur when there is no assistance available.

The Christian Dependency Ministry provides this necessary support.

The Christian Dependency Alcoholic Ministry is based on true Christian love for and understanding of each other. The character of Christian empathy and love forbids us to exclude any person, no matter how deep that person has sunk, from our caring because we believe that such a person is created in the image of God and is therefore our responsibility.

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