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About Toevlug Centre

about-toevlugToevlug Centre is situated in the Breede River Valley in Worcester.  This Centre was established in 1978 and we can proudly look back on the work of the past 38 years.   The Centre is registered in terms of the Law on the Prevention and Treatment of Substance Abuse of 1992 (Act 20 of 1992) to accommodate 50 voluntary inpatients and 20 youth between the ages of 13 and 18.   

Although Toevlug is well known for its inpatient treatment program the Centre renders an integrated service on all four levels of intervention, namely:  Awareness and prevention, Early intervention, Inpatient Treatment and Reintegration/Aftercare.

In 2014 the Centre opened a drug screening laboratory and in 2015 Toevlug was priviledged to start an Outpatient Programme which offer treatment to both Adults and adolescents.

"Toevlug Centre - Since 1978"

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